Sandy Beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Perhaps the most impressive part of Pelican Point is the inspired view of Sandy Beach it offers. Guests will enjoy lots of activity on the beach—surfing, beach volleyball, swimming, snorkeling, or simply soaking in the sun and sipping a cocktail. The beaches are uncrowded, and 200 yards west or east, beaches are almost always private. 

Most beaches along the volcanic coast are unsuitable for beachgoers, but Sandy Beach is true to its name. Guests can enjoy walking into the 80-degree water without fear of rock and reef. Sandy Beach is also known for sea glass exploration. At any given time, collectors can find hundreds of pieces of sea glass in greens, browns, blues and even rare reds.

Sandy beach ends at the parking lots surf break, which marks the start of Antonio’s Beach. In 2007, the ISA World Masters of Surfing was held here, as was the 1st World Championship of Surfing in 1968. This break can be seen from your veranda as well.