The Humpback Migration can be seen from your Rincon Surf Rental

The migrating Humpback’s are seen each year off Rincon’s coastline on their journey back to the North Atlantic each summer. These whales are regularly seen singly, in pairs or in groups of 20 or more. They form small groups which change frequently and move to areas with better food sources. Female-male and female-female pairs are common and there is recent evidence that social interactions are more complex than previously thought. Their migration is one of the longest of any mammal. It is not clear why these whales migrate although suggestions include predator avoidance and the search for warm water when food is scarce in their feeding grounds. They mate and calve out front of our Rincon surf rental, maybe only 200 meters away from your Rincon beachfront accommodation but return to the cold Atlantic water to feed during the summer

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