Rincon Puerto Rico

Rincon is referred to as the “Town of the Beautiful Sunsets” and sometimes as “The Surfing Town.”

In 1968 one of the world’s first surfing championships was held in Rincon and televised. In 2010-2011 a rather large surfer statue was unveiling along the entranceway to the Rincon Surf rental zone. This was done, I believe, to coincide with the Rip Curl Pro Surfing Championship contest where both the woman’s and men’s world surf champions were crowned. Sports enthousiest may be excited to find a huge sporting complex, track, gym, baseball field and tennis courts….. all free to anyone wanting to use them.

Rincon is perfect for those outdoor lovers who enjoy the great fishing, surfing, sunbathing, barbequing and other related activities. Softball, volleyball and soccer games are a regular site in the day and the nights filled with bongo drums around beach fires, friends gathering in beachside taverns or salsa dancers celebrating life with no real thoughts of tomorrow.

Inside the heart of Rincon, surprisingly you’ll find clothing, chemicals, electronic equipment, and scientific instruments being produced. In the past, livestock and sugar cane farming were the main economic activities.

Today, the only agriculture is fruit. Mangoes tree’s line the roads, (gather enough for your own mango daiquiri) which form a gorgeous canopy along the western entrance into Rincon. After passing under this canopy you’ll see the surfer statue where you’ll turn left and pass Tres Palmas where thirty foot waves can occur along road 413, also known as “the Road to Happiness.” Continue along 413 and you will find other beautiful canopies along the Rincon surf rental zones of Sandy Beach. As you drive through them, you can hear the waves crashing, see the surfers ripping and notice many simply rocking inside a beachside hammock in the wind…………….. sound asleep another group with no real thoughts of tomorrow.

Rincon’s residents are predominately Puerto Rician’s but inside the largest Rincon Beachfront rental zone you’ll find Sandy Beach and many tourists. Here you can find a huge resident population of English speaking Americans along with plenty of bilingual locals as well. I believe you’ll find a different standard of living in this area. Places are often the most modern and amenities the greatest inside the Sandy Beach vacation rental or Puntas zone. Each zone of Rincón is visited by thousands of tourists each year but they seem to prefer the winter months to surf and excape the cold extremes of New York, NJ, and surrounding areas.

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