Winter in Rincon’s Pelican Point Vacation Rentals

The winter months may provide you with a glimpse of the huge endangered Humpback whales. They arrive along the coasts here as a breeding ground and as part of their cyclical migrations.

Endangered Leatherback Turtles are also spotted by tourists inside one of Rincon’s Sandy Beach Vacation rental facilities. The turtles are enormous and a true site to see. They lay more eggs than one could imagine as they fight the sand to drag their huge bodies above the high tide mark and dig deep holes with their flippers. After about an hour she completely cover her eggs, only to fight exhaustion and make her way back the sea.

Rincon is the point where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean’s and a true sight weather you see the turtles or whales or not. The sunsets, the crystal waters along with Rincon’s beautiful and colorful people make Rincon a true beach getaway, one that most would never forget.

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